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Cumberland Falls Double Rainbow.

A Visit to Cumberland Falls

Thanks to the government shutdown, we visited Cumberland Falls State Park last October. The bright sunny day provided excellent conditions to see the rainbows.

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by Kelly A. McCauley on December 17, 2013

The bus hiding in the trees.

The Bus Trail

On Saturday morning, the weather was awesome. The temperature high for the day was projected to be 73° F (22° C) with little humidity. A big change from the 95°F+ (35°C+) days with 98% humidity. Staying inside was not an option.

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by Kelly A. McCauley on September 18, 2013

Cedar Sink

Hiking on Cedar Sink Trail

After breakfast, Jory wanted to go hike somewhere. We thought for a little bit, bounced around some ideas and then my wife (now ex-wife) convinced us to try for something in Mammoth Cave National Park. I pulled out the park’s map and spotted Cedar Sink trail. It was a short drive away. My son and I hopped into our van and headed out. Thirty minutes later, we were there. The trail head was well marked and had plenty of parking.

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by Kelly A. McCauley on August 25, 2013

An image of a rock, from Piedras Marcadas Canyon, containing petroglyphs.  One of which is a person wearing a headdress and holding a rod, spear, or arrow.  Photograph by April McCauley.

Hot Hiking in Piedras Marcadas Canyon, NM

In June or 2013, my wife (now ex-wife) April, my son Jory, and I took the long drive from Kentucky to New Mexico to visit family and friends and take in the sights. We love petroglyphs and one of the places that we really wanted to visit was Petroglyph National Monument. We decided on hiking the trail at Piedras Marcadas Canyon.

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by Kelly A. McCauley on August 19, 2013

Image of the blue hole on a side creek.

Blue Hole on the Green River in Kentucky

We were paddling the Green River, near Munfordville Kentucky, for our annual Memorial Day paddling trip. We took a break at a gravel bar and ate lunch. On the far side of the river, there was a feeder creek that looked paddle-able. While the kids were playing in the water and the other adults were talking, I hopped into my canoe and paddled up the creek.

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by Kelly A. McCauley on May 26, 2013

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